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Meet The Gang: Jared Wood - Owner

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Jared Wood started Chaingang Racing in 2018.

" I created this team with one simple idea, family that help each other through a sport that's not easy. A lot of work and behind the scenes bullshit later, here we are. The BEST fuckin' team in the ESC series is right here in this pit. I don't care if we all have matching bikes or carbon wheels, because we have some thing they don't and that's spirit. You guys come out every race weekend and throw down not only on the track but in the lot. I honestly wouldn't be in the sport without you guys. I've achieved what my goal was, I'm gonna keep this circus rolling because of every one of you that show up and look for that pirate flag whipping in the lot. I appreciate every single one of you sallies, whether you're a core guy, newbie, or a loaner. I may not seem it in the moment but every little thing that happens I look back on it and remember. I'll do what I can to keep this going and that's for you guys!!!!" - Jared Wood

Jared Wood was not impressed that there were no 26" tires for the winner.

Name: Jared Wood

Hometown: Cohoes, NY

Age: 25

Races: Downhill - Expert - 19-29

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