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DP brakes

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

We would love to shine some light on DP Brakes, they have been with us from the start. Whatever we need our good friend Larry takes care of us in a timely manner with great communication. DP brakes not only does mtb stuff but they also support off-road racing like ATV and dirt bikes. Once a week I'll see a post from another happy racer thanking him for his support so now its our time.

I asked Larry if he would be interested in sponsoring a Chaingang competition and without hesitation he replied " Hell yea" . At sugarbush we brought back our long jump competition, and of course you guys went BIG. All the prizing we handed out came right from

Larry and DP Brakes, Thank you guys for believing in this team.

Heres a link from #mtbbeta and some of the carnage caught at sugarbush and some awful quality pictures!

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