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Chaingang starts Rallycross

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Chaingang Racing is a unique team whose main focus was always downhill mountain bike racing. But, this year we are bringing a little something extra to the table. This year Chaingang Racing is throwing Rallycross on the list for 2020. Just like mountain bikes, there is a lot of new material to learn, and many practices to attend. So, to say we have a busy season ahead of us, would be an understatement.

The Car: We will be running a 2006 Subaru Impreza 2.5I hatchback. The hatch didn't start out perfect, the car was calling for work right out of the gate. It had to be sent out to get the frame fixed, front calipers, new bearings in alternator, hoses, headlights, hatch window, and crash bar. Essentially the car was totaled but brought back to life, as we were making these fixes, we started to gut the car, adding skid plates, a set of rally tires, Sparco driver’s seat, harnesses, and a harness bar. Ours goal is to focus on handling and safety before we dip into power. This includes adding a roll cage, beefier control arms, higher performing struts, and a slight lift.

Races: The plan is to follow the SCCA races to our best ability, while still focusing on racing downhill at Eastern State Cup. A lot of the races are held in New Hampshire and other northern areas, and if you’re interested in seeing what races are going to be near you here’s a link to check out.

Support: This wouldn't be happening without Jon Wood and all his knowledge and help. From getting the car running, to placing the finishing touches he’s been there. A close friend of the race team, Adam Karns was also a big help. Adam owns a ton of land, and a private racetrack that he let us run the car on for a day. By doing this we were able to learn how the car was reacting and noticing things that work, and where adjustments need to be made. We definitely hope to go back!

Getting involved: Have you ever wanted to put yourself out there, but couldn’t quite pull the trigger? And now you look back and kick yourself? Well, this was a huge jump for us, and we are putting a lot of effort, time, and faith into this. If you want to watch your local race team grow in hopes of being the next " Nitro Circus" we appreciate any help you can offer. Whether it’s leading a hand, a social media share, or best yet, sponsoring our team, we would be forever grateful. We have a lot of different ways we can help each other grow! If you’re interested, please contact us at

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